This year saw Science lead the way in getting our lives back to normal. Now, the UK’s favourite science team are back and more explosive than ever!

Join our presenters as they dive deep into the world of science and look at how science shapes the modern world we live in with a few loud bangs along the way!

They’ll take an anarchic approach to science communication whilst looking at the scientists, engineers and inventors who have shaped the modern world that we live in whilst proving that each and everyone of you have the ability to change our world for the better!

Expect 20ft LIQUID NITROGEN clouds, exploding OXYGEN & HYDROGEN balloons, FIRE TORNADOS, HYDROGEN bottle rockets, ignited METHANE and even a self-built Hovercraft!

100% Educational.  200% Entertaining.  300% Explosive. 400% Fun.

Ministry of Science LIVE has one goal. To inspire. We’re not looking to give you all the answers. We simply want to ignite the match for children to go away excited by science and wanting to learn more about everything around them. If one person in the audience leaves one of our events and researches any of the content of our show – we’ve done our jobs.

Ministry of Science has been a long term goal of our Director to create a brand that combines solid science with an introduction to the scientists, inventors and engineers throughout history who have shaped the modern world we live in.

Science to him is the only real magic that exists. It’s the backbone of our existence and unites us as one community. It’s important that we share our knowledge and that our children believe that with enough hard work anything is possible. Carl Sagan once famously said “Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known” and perhaps at one of our live shows, one of our younger audience members might start a journey that leads to something that changes our world for the better

Ministry of Science doesn’t just focus on the demonstrations but the history of them too –all of our content looks at the scientists, inventors or engineers who have shaped the modern world we live in as well.

Our mission is to show all children that you don’t need to be from the same country, of the same colour, race or gender. That you can span different religions and different beliefs.

That you don’t have to have the same background or education and that all of the scientists, engineers and inventors who have made an impact on our everyday lives are all just like me or you, normal people with a belief that the world is one classroom and they went on to change our world for the better.

Through hard work and determination and through believing in themselves. Our tag line is that we believe that there’s a scientist, engineer or inventor in all of you and we try to reiterate that throughout our live events whilst answering our key question – In a world that’s always growing but still needs to change, it’s your classroom, explore it and work out what could you do to change our world for the better?

Ministry of Science is fun, it’s anarchic and it’s crammed with silly humour that resonates with kids and family audiences alike.

Learning should be delivered in a layered approach by connecting the information with an element of fun and hopefully that information will be associated with the fun and retained.

That’s what we aim to do here at Ministry of Science – to ignite the spark that leads to further study whilst showing that education and fun can be one thing

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