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400% FUN

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We believe there’s a Scientist, Engineer or Inventor in all of you…

Ministry of Science Live is not your ordinary science show – it comes with a bang.  It comes with a whoosh. But most of all is comes with a hovercraft built on stage…. Oh, and a Human Cannon too! This new production takes an anarchic approach to science communication whilst looking at the inventors and engineers who have shaped and inspired the modern world that we live in.  From Liquid Nitrogen frozen flowers to Hydrogen Bottle Rockets.  From Buzz Aldrin to Virgin Galactic.  From a cat food tin to the Hovercraft.  From the discovery of Methane to the invention of the Battery. Join the super talented presenters and the voiceover from above (X Factor’s Peter Dickson) as they take you on a journey using brilliantly designed demonstrations with a few loud bangs to lead the way.  Fingers in ears advised….


The Show

Ministry of Science Live is a 90 minute show which takes the audience on a journey through the different types of energy using demonstrations and historical references as the narrative. Combining the world of education with live experiments and the history of engineering the interactive shows aim is to focus, inspire and educate through the medium of live theatre. We hope to illustrate the importance of engineering in shaping the world we currently live in and the world that our young people will shape.


A series of experiments and audience participation demonstrations are linked by a fast moving, fun narrative which introduces each subject. All the content of the show delivers good, correct science and aims to educate the audience with not only how the experiments work but how they were discovered or invented as well.

200% FUN

From liquid nitrogen frozen flowers to hydrogen bottle rockets fired right at you, the show will take you on a journey using demonstrations and a few loud bangs to lead the way.


Please keep your head firmly on your shoulders and your arms, legs and feet firmly inside the ride at all times…

Target Audience

Appeal to the widest possible audience, however the scientific and technological explanations will focus on a key audience of 6-12 years old and their families.


The live show will encourage audience participation with selected young audience to come on stage and help participate with demonstrations


The man behind Ministry… Our boss is the man who created some of the biggest science shows in the whole universe and has written and directed shows like the national theatre tours of Ministry of Science Live!, Science Museum Live!, Guinness World Records Science Live, Brainiac Live which made its West End debut in 2013 and BBC’s Hidden World Live.  To date his science shows have now been seen by over 600,000 people worldwide in theatres, festivals, holiday parks and fairs!

He’s also worked with some of the world’s biggest kids brands on live shows from Arenas to Theatres – The Tweenies, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank, Noddy…  you name it, he’s worked on it and in total the family shows he’s worked on have now played to over 2.5 million people worldwide!

We asked him why he created Ministry of Science and this is what he said –

Ministry of Science Live has one goal.  To inspire.  We’re not looking to give you all the answers.  We simply want to ignite the match for children to go away excited by science and wanting to learn more about everything around them. If one person in the audience leaves the theatre and researches any of the content of our show – we’ve done our jobs.

Ministry of Science has been a long term goal of mine to create a brand that combines solid science with an introduction to the inventors and engineers throughout history who have shaped the modern world we live in. 

Science to me is the only real magic that exists.  It’s the backbone of our existence and unites us as one community.  It’s important that we share our knowledge and that our children believe that with enough hardwork anything is possible.  Carl Sagan once famously said “Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known” and perhaps at one of our live shows, one of our younger audience members might start a journey that leads to something that changes our world for the better

Ministry of Science is fun, it’s anarchic and there’s even a bad  joke about a cow wanting to be an astronaut in the middle.  Learning should be delivered in a layered approach by connecting the information with an element of fun and hopefully that information will be associated with the fun and retained.

That’s what we aim to do here at Ministry of Science – to ignite the spark that leads to further study whilst showing that education and fun can be one thing”

Schools Workshops

Pocket Sized Science brings the world of Ministry of Science right to your school.  Our Pocket Sized Science team will arrive at your school giving you a chance a hands on workshop including our smoothie bikes!

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Why not let the Pocket Sized Science team come along to your Birthday party?! We’ll come armed with demonstrations that amaze and entertain ensuring that all the “Ministry-Science” at your party!

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