Why not let the Pocket Sized Science team come directly to your school and bring science to life in your classroom?

Our fun, engaging workshop package comes directly to your school with a mini-show that looks at the different types of energy and an introduction to the Scientists, Inventors and Engineers who have shaped the modern world we live in.  Our mini-show will be followed by some hands on workshop experiences in smaller groups to ensure some 1-2-1 time with each student for maximum exposure to what we have to offer.

Firstly, a mini-show which can be for either a specific class, an entire year group or a whole school assembly.  It’ll be fun, it’ll be engaging but most of all it’ll be inspiring and follow our ethos that we believe everyone has the potential to become a scientist, inventor or engineer and change our world for the better.

Our mini-show will show off some of our large scale demonstrations including use of our high voltage Van De Graaff machine, hovercrafts and much more.

After this we’ll give the students workshop experiences allowing them to get up close and personal with our industrial plasma balls, pedal power smoothie bikes, friction tug of war and much, much more.

Some of the things we’ll look at:

  • The different types of energy – what they are and how they feature in our everyday life.

  • Invention and Engineering – Looking at some of the individuals who have shaped the modern world we live in throughout the centuries.

  • Electricity – covering the separation of positive or negative charges when objects are rubbed together, the transfer of electrons, forces between charged objects, the idea of electric fields, forces acting across the space between objects not in contact and much more.

  • Atoms, Elements and Compounds – We’ll discover what the difference between an atom and an element is and why is it called the periodic table?

  • Pedal Power and Renewal Energy – looking at the different types of renewal energy, fossil fuels and pedal power combined.

  • Friction – and why we need friction to live!

Curriculum links to some of the topics covered include:

  • energy changes and transfers
  • motion and forces
  • particle model
  • matter
  • calculation of fuel uses and costs in the domestic context

(Full details including learning objectives, planning for difference, literacy key words, numeracy opportunities, PLT’s and social, moral, spiritual cultural links provided in further detail in packs)

Our teacher’s packs come with Lesson plans, teachers notes relating to the demonstrations, biographies of all the individuals discussed and looked at during the workshops and some worksheets to use at your disposal.

Our workshop experiences have been seen by students all of the UK and as far as the middle east.  In 2016 our pocket sized science team will perform at schools in the UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Beirut and Cairo amongst others.

What makes us different? Well, our workshops are delivered with an element of entertainment ensuring that the children within your class will automatically resonate with what we have to say by the way that the show and workshops are delivered by young, interesting individuals who perform to your class and ensure a first class experience like no other.  We also use voiceover elements from well known individuals such as X Factor’s Peter Dickson which helps authenticate our reputation with the children in your class.  It’s fun, it’s engaging but most of all it’s a journey that leaves the class inspired by science, engineering and the world in which we all share.

Prices start from £450 + vat for a half day depending on location.

“What a great way to spend an afternoon. I forgot I was a teacher. I learnt something too”

Mrs Bridge