WARNING! This is a public safety announcement.  


This summer find us aboard P&O family cruises bringing the family entertainment with an explosive twist to the seas! 

They said that an education show with a history of making the biggest bangs in science communication couldn’t be presented aboard a ship.  Then the Ministry of Science stepped in… 

For the first time ever we’re taking LIVE Science demonstrations aboard various cruise ships.  

Catch us onboard select family cruises throughout August with P&O Cruises.  We’ll be aboard the Britannia and Azura ships this summer ensuring family fun for all.  

Not only will we be performing a big theatre show onboard twice a week but we’ll also be offering you the chance to get up close and personnel with hands on workshops at certain times across the week! 

For more information please see the onboard newsletter for performance and workshop times! 

Don’t forget to pack your safety goggles and lab coats!